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Ysgol Maes Y Gwendraeth
74 Heol Y Parc, Cefneithin, Llanelli
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Ysgol Maes Y Gwendraeth


School Curriculum

A variety of teaching methods are used and adapted according to the requirements of the various subjects. Speaking and listening, reading and writing are important in every subject. Pupils are taught as individuals,

in groups, pairs and as whole classes. Practical assignments and tasks involving research are required in all subjects.

Welsh is the official language of the school on a daily basis. Maths is taught bilingually with key terms being introduced in English and Welsh, leading to examinations in Welsh. Access to English papers are available for the external examinations. The Baccalaureate is taught through the medium of Welsh. Opportunities are provided for pupils to choose to study Science through the medium of Welsh or English. Courses which form part of the partnership within Dinefwr (ages 14-16) are in Welsh or bilingually, depending on provisions by

the College. Every other subject is taught through the medium of Welsh.


Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 all pupils study the core subjects – Welsh, English, Mathematics and Science. Sex Education, Physical Education, Religious Education, Careers and the Welsh Baccalaureate are statutory for all. All aspects of the Welsh Baccalaureate are delivered through the medium of Welsh. The aim is to provide a balanced curriculum for every pupil by including the core subjects as well as non-core subjects e.g. vocational subjects in each of the three option columns. The exact content of these blocks can vary from year to year according to circumstances.


Key Stage 5

The school operates an open access policy to the Sixth Form and pupils are given the opportunity of choosing certain educational pathways. The school provides a booklet for Year 12 explaining the wide choice of subjects available. Students can follow an academic course, a vocational course or a combination of both.