Dolenni Cyflym

Dolenni Cyflym

Ysgol Maes y Gwendraeth

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6th Form 'Y Gilfach'



By choosing Maes y Gwendraeth Sixth Form, your child commits to a successful academic path. We will nurture and prepare them for university, employment or apprenticeships and beyond. As a 'professional student' they make choices about where and what to study and how they study.



Here at Y Gilfach, we encourage our learners to reach their full potential. Our students lead with their learning, developing academic and personal skills for success in the Sixth Form and life beyond our school.

Standards and Expectations

Ysgol Maes y Gwendraeth is a learning community that develops young people who are open-minded, honest, reliable and independent.

As a school, we value the following:


Freedom with Responsibility.




 This is a period of change in their lives - a change from being pupils to being young people, to being adults. During this period, they will be expected to:

  • Mature in terms of their character and personality.
  • Develop into individuals who make a unique contribution  to the society they belong to.
  • Undertake responsibilities as leaders for the rest of the school's pupils.
  • Behave sensibly and show respect to their teachers and fellow students; build and maintain relationships with teachers and fellow students.
  • Complete all coursework and homework following and respecting deadlines.
  • Contribute to the school's activities and give guidance to the younger pupils in extracurricular areas.
  • Be good role models - in terms of a positive and polite attitude, neat dress, punctuality, cleanliness and the natural use of the Welsh language at school.

Pennaeth y Chweched Dosbarth

Rhiannon Daniel:


Dirprwy Bennaeth y Chweched Dosbarth

Mared Williams;


Cyfrifoldeb Cwricwlwm/BTEC/PAG

Andrew Payne;